How It Works

How It Works

Enjoy Local, Fresh Fruits & Veggies – Delivered to Your Front Door Each Week!

Step 1: Become a Member

Simply tell us who you are and where you want your produce delivered — and we’ll take it from there. We will email you to confirm delivery to your location is available.

Step 2: Stay Tuned for Your Weekly Email

It will describe the contents of the 4 boxes for the week. Each week you will automatically get our Produce Plus Box ($25) if you don’t log in to your account. However, if you would like one of the other boxes for the week, simply log in to your account and choose from our Produce Premium Box ($23), Personal Box ($18), or Fruit Box (price will vary). And if none of these work for you, then you can choose our customized Perfect Pick Box ($25 minimum…no maximum) option that lets you build your own box!

If for some reason you don’t need a box for the week, you can either donate your box or skip that week’s delivery. Remember, you will need to make your choice by Sunday at 10pm (EST). You will also have the opportunity to add “Extras” to your order each week.

Step 3: Check Out & Confirm Your Order

You will get an email confirmation each week that lets you know that your order has been received.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Fresh Produce

On your designated delivery day, your Neighborhood Produce Expert will leave your box in the area of your choice. Simply leave your empty box from the previous week, as well as any empty containers, so we can use them for your next delivery.**

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**In order to cut down on our cost for you, we recycle our boxes and all the containers inside. Failure to leave the boxes out may result in an additional charge. Once you get your box of produce we ask that you take time to inspect each item and properly store them. We do not use any kind of wax or chemicals to preserve the shelf life of our produce. So occasionally you may find something that has a blemish on it. If you can remove the blemish and still use most of the product that is fine, if not we are happy to replace it. If you have questions about something in your box feel free to contact your Produce expert by email or phone. This person is trained and ready to answer any questions or handle any problems that you may have.

Any customer that is not satisfied with the purchase of their box will be refunded as long as the box and contents are returned to Lee’s Produce on the day it was delivered.