Each week you will receive an email letting you know the menu for the week. You can choose which of the three boxes you prefer.

 Each neighborhood will be assigned a Produce Expert that will deliver your box each week. This person will also be able to help you with any problems or questions that you have about your box.

 We will be happy to replace it for you. All you have to do is let your Produce Expert know and they will arrange to replace the item for you. We do not use any kind of wax or chemicals to preserve the shelf life of our produce. So occasionally you may find something that has a blemish on it. If you can remove the blemish and still use most of the product that is fine if not we are happy to replace it. However this does not mean that we will replace an item because the customer left it in the refrigerator too long and did not use it within a reasonable time limit. Each week you should inspect your box right away and take time to properly store each item inside. We should know about any replacement items within a few hours of delivery.

 This deadline is very important for us because it gives us adequate time to plan, harvest, pack, and deliver your produce on time. We can not make any promises that we can make changes to your order after the deadline. You will be expected to take your box unless you skip before Sunday at 10 pm.

 Lee’s Produce grows the majority of the items that you will receive in your box. However there are some items (peaches, blueberries, blackberries, etc) that we do not grow. We work closely with local farmers that have the same farm values as we do to provide you with the biggest variety of quality local produce throughout the season. We are NOT a produce packing plant where we buy produce and then repack it before we deliver to you. We stand behind what goes in the produce box that we pack for you 100%.

 Absolutely not! While we believe that this is a great program to be apart of, we understand that it may not work for everybody. You may cancel at anytime. So go ahead give us a try, what do you have to lose?

 The main reason is because you are getting fresh local produce on a weekly basis that forces you and your family to eat healthy. Another reason is you are supporting a small farm business which in return keeps your hard earned money in NC. We also work hard to educate your children about where there food comes from so that they know that watermelons grow on a vine and not on the shelf of your local grocery store. Your children will have the opportunity to pick something (depending on season) during the farm visit.

 We have been in business for 20 plus years. We have been packing boxes for the past 3 years for another company. We supplied this company with the majority of their produce. Now that we are packing for ourselves, our goal is to pack a better quality and more variety box. Our goal is NOT to see how many boxes we can pack in a weeks time. Our goal is to keep our customers happy and satisfied with good quality produce.

We currently grow about 100 acres of fruits and vegetables on our farm. The majority of the produce that you get in your box will come directly from our fields. However there are a few items that we don’t grow like peaches, blueberries, blackberries, and grapes. These are very popular items so in order to make your box better we have relationships with other farmers that we can buy these products from. Other times there may be a need to rely on other farmers for other product depending on weather and availability. If this is the case we know where your product is coming from and make sure it meets our high expectations. No matter what you get in your box we promise that it will be fresh and we will stand behind every bite of it!